Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The things you see, when your eyes aren't open.

Dreams, a series of thoughts, pictures and visions which happen during a person's sleep.

When your eyes aren't open its surprising how much you see...

I had been accepted to go and play on the world known game show “can you Do this?” ! After endless tasks and questions I enter the finals. The final question is asked all I hear is my heart pounding and the crowd cheering, Suddenly I hear a loud crash I turn to my right and on the floor is the popular game show host tommy tinkle. I rush over to help him get up but i'm shoved out of the way by my old best friend hannah, she starts screaming. I fall and wake up the next day on hannah's bedroom floor, “Okay you finished you maths yet” she says angrily.

And then I woke up.

I think that all your dreams come from your past experiences, your 5 senses pick up on many different things daily, all these I think apply and sneak your way into your dream so you can feel, smell, taste, touch and see these things again.

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